The Business Training

MBC teaches people how to start-up their own small business.

This movie shows you how MBC helps the poor to get their own income for their primary needs in life.

The Business Training
Our training program helps clients to develop a business idea, to research their market, to start their own business and to run it. The interactive training takes a period of 6 separated days and is taught using advanced adult training methodologies.Learn More
Together with MBC, the client develops a concrete, feasible and bankable business plan to start their own small business. By the end of the training course, the potential entrepreneurs will have completed this basic business plan.Learn More
There are different possibilities to get finances for starting up the business: savings and loans. This has a relation with how many money has to be invested. Where possible MBC will help the entrepreneur to get loans for the necessary investment. Learn More
A coach will help the client to realize his/her business plan through regular consultations for a period of maximally 2 years. If the business has good results, MBC will see if they can help the business to grow and so create jobs for other people.Learn More

New ideas

MBC stimulates students to think ‘out of the box’ and develop new products. In order to make international products, his/her business will have to pay attention to trends in different countries.

Local market

MBC will work with the student to find products and services that have a good chance on the local market and improve the economic situation in their community and in the country.


Especially for the international market, students will have to pay attention to the quality and timely delivery of their products. MBC will help them develop these skills. 

MBC made the choice to work with the poorest people of the slums out of principle. Their situation of life does not makes it easy to become a potential entrepreneur. Through this type of development work, MBC wants to help them to create a self-sustainable businesses.
MBC starts in six different parts of the slums of Manila where theBukang Liwayway Foundation is already at work. After that, MBC will expand their work area to other parts of Metro-Manila and the country. 
Currently we are setting up a center, training personnel, preparing materials and setting up the training courses. We expect to start our courses and welcome our first students in August 2013. We will help each of them to make a solid business plan. 
Criteria for participating in the course:

  • Enthusiastic to start a business
  •  Realistic business ideas
  • Able to read and write Tagalog (and English)
  • Between 18 and 50 years of age
  • Able to attend all the days of the business training
  • Attend the classes with a positive attitude
  • Open for a training based on biblical entrepreneurship

Why Choose Us?

  • There are many courses for skills, but no jobs. MBC helps you to create your own job.
  • MBC takes caters to the whole person: we help you to find your capacities and to use them!
  • A personal coach will help you  to become a real business man or woman.
  • We not only teach you how to start a business, but help you to make it concrete.
  • Through our courses we show you the biblical principles of life and business.
  • MBC is a non-profit organization and will be run mainly by local people.

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