Pstr. Ariel Agustin of iShepherd Institute believes that it is an important mission to help people discover their potentials in establishing livelihood and micro-businesses regardless of their financial capabilities. According to him, as long as you’re resourceful and determined enough to rise up from poverty, there can be no way that hopelessness will ruin your success in life.

For Pstr. Agustin, discovering business potentials is a duty to the needy that needs more attention to open opportunities to the families and individuals who are becoming despaired because of the unabated poverty. As a pastor for a couple of years, he has seen how some of his friends and church members lost their livelihood businesses primarily because they are not coached and guided the fact that they can exert and innovate more to keep their sources of income consistent.

His observation within communities and individuals encouraged him even more to help—a calling that he never thought would turn into reality.

On the other hand, Pstr. Agustin didn’t really expected to be a trainer of Missional Business Center. He thought that he would not qualify because of his weakness when it comes to being detailed in numbers and information in dealing with business plans.

Now that he’s more than a year as a trainer of MBC, he himself has applied the things that he learned from the Pastors’ Training as well as sharing it to the students of MBC in GYB and SYB trainings. The opportunity for him to train and to help people discover their potentials in business turned possible through the partnership and effort of MBC and CBM.