Our Story

Former Office in Welfareville, Mandaluyong City

Former Office in Welfareville, Mandaluyong City

The Missional Business Center was founded by Bronno Mulder, MSc in 2013. Prior to that Bronno had been to Moldova where he came across the business training materials of ILO and Reconxile. God led him to the Philippines with the desire to help people from the slums to improve their economic and spiritual situation, by starting a small business through a 5-day business training and 2-year coaching.

Early days

The mission organization OMF International sent Bronno to the Philippines where he was seconded to the local organization Bukang Liwayway (Dawn for the poor). In their livelihood program he initiated the Start Your Business Training derived from experience and the aforementioned curriculums. The MBC set up a small office in the slums of Welfareville, Mandaluyong City.

MBC Incorporated

The MBC logo

The MBC logo

Come summer 2013, the Start Your Business Training was spinned off in a Non-Governmental Organization, ‘MBC Inc.’ Bronno acquired a team of local people and continued the ministry, networking and partnering with other Philippines-based organizations. So far many people have gone through the training and were able to set up a business. In different areas of the Philippines the MBC has facilitated the training and was able to open a satellite office in Cebu, in partnership with Transformational Ventures.

Relocation of office


Present office in Quezon City

Partnerships with other mission organization and help agencies were formed. One key partnership was established with the Center for Community Transformation (CCT), a micro-finance organization with over 25 years of experience in The Philippines. As a result of that partnership, the MBC office moved to the CCT Payatas Community Center in Quezon City in April 2016.


The growing demand for MBC’s training and coaching approach (by churches, local ministries and international organizations) proves its legitimacy, validity and effect. MBC envisions to expand its ministry, expanding the team of trainers & coaches and in the future bring the Training & Coaching to other countries as well.