The MBC is in search of: a Creative write
The Missional Business center is looking for a creative writer to compile and record stories from our ministry for our website. Applicant must have experience with writing interesting compelling stories. The applicant is a Christian with a heart for the poor. This is a freelance job, paid per project (story). be part of God’s kingdom work in the Philippines today! Please reply to

MBC profile:

The Missional Business Center (MBC) helps people from the slum to change their lives by starting up theri own small business. The program is unique: not only does it teach basic business skills, it also helps to create one’s own business idea. The MBC helps people to apply for a loan and to join a Saving Group. When an trainee if the program is ready to start a business, the MBC gives practical business Coaching and professional development in two-monthly seminars as the client runs his/her own small business. If possible we will assign a personal coach who can mentor the client periodically.

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