Are you passionate about Mission? Exited about MBC’s ministry?
Do you desire reaching out to the poor? Do you want to serve the people from the slums?
Do you wish to see the poor empowered, so they can have transformed lives?

Consider and pray about joining our ministry!
You could be part of our exciting effort in three ways:








If you have (potential) teaching skills, apply for a job as a full-time trainer of MBC! Our office is based in Mandaluyong City, but we facilitate trainings all over The Philippines. If there is no training, you work at the office on improving the trainings and following up on participants who handed in their Business Plans, and you work on organizing the next scheduled trainings.


We also need on-call trainers. If you have the flexibility to make time free in your calendar, please consider becoming an on-call trainer. You will join our trainings and facilitate several sessions together with the MBC on-staff trainers. After the training you will not be involved in the follow-up process. You will receive a love gift and public travel expenses for your contribution.


Are you a business man? If so, you can use your experience in business to change the life of a family. The MBC needs people with experience in business, who want to offer a smart part of their time to contributing to the lives of others. As a coach, you will work with people form the slums who have gone through our training program. You will discuss strategy, planning and problem solving, and you can help the starting entrepreneur to develop his business skills and knowledge, e.g. marketing matters, book keeping and accounting, or learning how to manage his business. As coach you meet with your assigned trainee every other week for six months, and after that only monthly.


In a coaching session, you answer questions, give advice and help the trainee in his (cultural) challenges in order to see practical results. Also the trainee’s personal development is addressed: time management, eliminating self-sabotaging behavior (like procrastination and distraction), finding clarity, decision making, and getting into action. The coaching is done on a voluntary basis. A love gift is provided after handing in the progress report (after every session).


Become a part of the MBC team as a full or part time paid staff member. From our office in Mandaluyong City we run our daily operations in a warm and passionate, intercultural team. Our ethos is to work with diligence in an atmosphere of trust, professionalism and joy. Each day we start with a short devotion and prayer.


We are looking for skilled, motivated and qualified staff. If you are passionate about working with the poor in ministry and you do not mind working flexible working hours, consider a position in our team. We need:

• Curriculum Trainers

• Business Coaches

• Student Coordinator

• Office Manager

Ask for current job vacancies or inquire about a job application through email:

Yes, I want to be a trainer!
Yes, I want to be a coach!
Yes, I want to be a staff member!