Project Description

Rasehlene Padernilla was one of the students of MBC’s 5-day Start Your Business Training in partnership with CCT (2015). Rasehlene decided not to pursue with her first business idea as she learned from the interview and evaluation that her business was not viable. The business plan Evaluator suggested that she has to think of other business ideas that could make profit and be done within her skill and work experience.

A month after the business training and evaluation of a new Business Plan, Rasehlene has started to sell grilled pork barbecue, chicken intestine ‘ISAW’, hotdog, and chicken leg within her own small capital. Rose’s BBQ is one of the cleanest, accessible and affordable street food-to-go. Supplemented with rice, it serves as a good meal for the people in Barangay Poblacion, Malungon, Sarangani Province.

Rose’s BBQ has approximately Php 30,000.00 monthly profit according to her business plan and she is very confident to make this happen using the business plan as her guide. All the knowledge she learned from SYB training has been practically applied in running her business, with the help of a business coach.