Project Description

Amabelle started putting up a small snacks store where she cooks simple snacks like skewered squid balls and fish balls, extra-long hotdog sandwich, cheese sticks and French fries and sell them as per ordered by the customers. She also included drinks like sodas and fruit juices so the snack meal would be complete for the customers.

Amabelle has some experience in selling, because her family has a sari-sari store back in their province. She also tried networking and direct selling. Amidst this background, she still acknowledged that she still has a lot to learn in becoming an entrepreneur. So she attended the Start Your Business Training last September 2015. In the training she learned how to set a proper price for her products which will give her enough profit. She also learned how to take into account every cost she makes in this business. The business which is just in front of their house is still running. Currently, her best-seller is french fries.