Project Description

Melanie and her husband own a small auto repair shop beside their house in Payatas, Quezon City. Her husband is good in repainting and repairing cars, thus they started the business. The problem with the business was that it didn’t make profit. There were times when the cost for a repair was more than the payment received. So when presented an opportunity for a business training through CCT and MBC, Melanie attended the Start Your Business Training. There she realized how they look past many of the factors that should be considered in setting a price and dealing with customers. At the end of the training she was able to make a business plan and refine it with the help of MBC. She realized that there is also a need for a good location for her business to flourish. So she planned to relocate the auto repair shop inside a subdivision which is still near their house. She also got a loan from CCT afterwards. Since she realized that they still need assistance in running their business, she also signed-up for the coaching program of MBC.