Project Description

A new direction for the Carayat Women’s Cooperative Group

Rice, as a staple food of Filipinos, has been a business preference for anyone who would like to have a 2-in-1 source of income and daily foodstuffs. Be it retail or wholesale? Sole proprietorship or partnership (as a form of business)? This could be anyone’s ideal commercial business for a small or large scale of community since every Filipino family should have at least a kilogram or two in their households on a daily basis!

The same idea goes with the members of Carayat Women’s Cooperative Group (CWCG) from Prieto Diaz, Sorsogon City way back 2015. In line of promoting community development, they have decided to come up with a business project that will be profitably beneficial not only for IGG members’ needs, but also for the day-to-day rice consumption of Barangay Carayat populace of about 175 households and 71 sponsored families.

The difficulty
It is likely to be concluded that having many members in a group project leads to a more complicated way of resolving problems—even the menial ones. CWCG is not exempted for those adversities. While labor force and overflowing ideas became the group’s strength in its own strategic livelihood operations, CWCG has encountered problems that caused the group’s initial action to delay.
Like any other livelihood businesses, CWCG have dealt with the poor management of keeping on track with the records that goes in and out of the business. Another problem was having their retailed rice being bargained by their customers during harvesting since they have a ‘very large rice farm’.
The business continues and so does the problems. What made CWCG motivated in spite of these is the determination to make everything settled—a sign of positivity that deserves to pay attention for.

Then there’s MBC
With the effort of communication through emails and chat conversations initiated by Ms. Judea Alonzo, CWCG was informed of their “new partner” to help them for the technicalities and skillful strategies that will showcase the strengths of the rice retailing business.

On their Start-Your-Business (SYB) training dated June 2016, CWCG have finally explored what it’s like to have a detailed and organized business plan—far from their practices before wherein they would just depend on estimations and financial trials for the business. Basic bookkeeping has really helped them to figure out how the costings and sales went.

“Parang nagkaroon ng direksyon ‘yung business. Kasi dati, kanya-kanya lang ng idea ‘yung members at hindi sila maingat sa pagre—record ng mga gastusin at kita nila.” – Ms. Mags Anuma, one of the IG staffs.

(“The business has finally found its right direction. Unlike before, the members have their own different, unorganized ideas and they don’t carefully keep records of their costings and sales.”)

As of today, CWCG is doing operationally well as they continually apply the lessons and skills they have learned from the business training with MBC. The group is starting to expand the business by looking for potential partnerships. In addition, CWCG is currently proposing a business plan for additional products to sell together with rice such as vegetables and meat products. CWCG members are also in good terms for the loan repayment with Good Neighbors Incorporated (GNI).