Project Description

Pen (Josephine) and Rhio (Rosario) are friends who are both business minded. They were both on their break as contractual researchers when they decided to attend the Start Your Business Training.

As a result of the training, they decided to become partners and start a small meal (take-out) shop. They worked on the business plan, combined their savings, and set up the business in Welfareville Compound (Mandaluyong City) two weeks after the training. Pen served as the cook and Rhio helped in preparing the ingredients and serving the customers. The first 2 weeks went well, serving mostly employees who don’t have time to prepare their meals.

However, this caught the attention of some of the neighbors. They were inspired and so put up their own take-out meal shop serving almost the same meals as Pen’s and Rhio’s. The competition affected the business and the two decided to stop it for a while and transfer to a new place with less competitors and closer to the local market to also lessen their transportation costs.