Project Description

Casiguran near Sorsogon City is a Barangay with only a few Internet cafes. Many people have never worked on a computer. But there are many people wanting to know more about it. They know and see that technological development is accelerating. Many want to know how to use a computer.

In 2011 the MBC started a computer course for leaders of 7 Barangays, the teachers of the local schools and the Municipal staff who is responsible for 25 Barangays: education, medical care, administration, etc.

After the training 75 people applied for a follow-up course. It was then decided to start Computer School in Casiguran. Pastor Mar and his wife Mary Ann have transformed their house into a Computer School. The Charity ‘Hands to Serve’ based in the Netherlands donated the computers and network equipment for that.

In one year’s time over a hundred students were able to follow the computer course that the school offers.

The second phase was the installation of a computer in every Barangay Hall in order to encourage the development in this area of the Philippines.