Project Description

57 year-old Catalina Magan who’s experienced in food processing once attended an MBC SYB training sponsored by CCT Malungon, Sarangani Province. Since she was young she is used to season processed foods and for long she has been used to selling chorizo and other seasoned and flavored meat sausages.

Along with the 5-day training, she gained a better understanding how a hobby can be translated into a profitable business. Challenges that have been encountered by Nanay Taling is trying to earn money by selling chorizo however she was not able to continue it because of credits she was giving to her family, neighbors, & friends.

Not a long time, Nanay Taling has started her business again applying what she learned from the training and focusing on her evaluated business plan the chorizo business is simple but has a high profit. Reviving her seasoned chorizo sausage, she was able to loan from CCT a higher amount to invest to sell other meat processed foods to individuals in Purok Sagrado Corazon, Brgy. Bula, General Santos City and deliver it to Carinderia, Restaurant, Barbecue vendors and to other offices. Moreso, she became aware how to manage the business cash from credits and a business coach is guiding her to properly handle the business finances.