Project Description

Jocelyn and her husband have a fish stall at Commonwealth Market. She sells an average of 3 kinds of fish every day. Aside from having regular customers at the market, she also is a dealer for other fish vendors who have fish stalls in their own mini market in other barangays. She gets the fish from Bulacan every day since she wants to sell fresh ones. Even though they were running their business for quite some time, they did not see any progress in their business. During MBC Start Your Business Training Jocelyn realized the importance of planning for the business in a very detailed manner. In the training Jocelyn made a business plan that was evaluated and approved by MBC. Afterwards, she signed up for MBC’s coaching program. The MBC coach already started meeting with Jocelyn and her husband and together they figured out ways how to increase the revenue or lower the expenses. One of the important practices Jocelyn has started doing after the training (with the guidance of her business coach) is bookkeeping. Through this she was able to identify how much money comes in and out of her business`. This helps her in monitoring her business better and making her business grow.