Project Description

Rosemalen owns Gaga’s school supplies, toys and accessories in Barangay Calumpang, General Santos City. This is the business she already wanted when she was young. Gaga’s interest to buy and sell and to direct-selling-business continues to increase. However, the income of Rosemalen with her husband, Ronnie was not enough to meet the needs of her growing family.

Being a member of the Saving’s Group CCT-Entrep Eskwela, Rosemalen got an opportunity to get loan for her business. Packed with school supplies, toys, goodies, candies, and other dry goods, Rosemalen drives her pedicab (tricycle-bike) as a mobile store to the school and parks it outside the city High School, Cahilsot Elementary School, and Calumpang School. Many types of assorted items including toys are waiting for the recess time and dismissal time, so the customers/students can come and buy them. Because of her hard work and positive attitude, she was able to send her children to sports training. She believes education is very important for her children and she will never get tired of doing the business for her family. With the help of the SYB training she attended, she realized that she can use succeeding loans to buy a new motorcycle for her mobile store as new investment.