Project Description

A wife of a farmer with four children, Grace Luz Ojagan helping her husband Rey to have other means to provide for their family and to raise their children up and send them to school, Ate Grace has thought of making polvoron since it is easy to prepare and doesn’t require much money and time.
Polvoron is made of brown-toasted flour cooked in a pan with melted butter, combined with powdered milk and sugar and other desired flavored ingredients when flour is cooled down. Pressing the mould in the polvoron mixture to make the mixture more compacted. Wrapped in a cellophane wrapper the molded polvoron is the product that Ate Grace used to make.

As member of CCT Saving’s group, starting from small investment that she loaned from CCT, Ate Grace has seen the opportunity to bring her products and sell them to Elementary school canteen at Barangay Malalag Cogon, Malungon, Sarangani Province and delivered it as consignment. She receives orders of polvoron from sari-sari stores, offices that have canteens and to individuals like students, teachers and employees.

Attended the Start Your Business Training, Ate Grace has been encouraged to sell more products in addition to polvoron which she adds to make and sell ice candy and small rounded pancakes that are affordable snacks for students and children. She has a 40-50% profit as per her evaluated business plan if she consistently sells these products. Happy wife and mother, she is a blessing to her family and to others.