Project Description

Charlene Marin’s business is selling grilled skewered pork or barbecue, along with other skewers: isaw (chicken intestine), betamax (chicken blood), chicken head and tenga (chicken ligaments). Charlene is offering a product : the ‘Complete Package Meal’.

The complete meals are soup and rice with a side dish like meat, fish or vegetables. These products and meals are some of the famous street food in the Philippines. The location of her small business is on the courtyard next to the MBC office, on the side of the mini basketball in her community at Block 35, Welfareville Compound in Mandaluyong. She usually starts selling at 3pm up until midnight. Everyone in the Barangay buys from her because she offers clean and delicious skewers.

Since she sells next to the mini basketball court, she named her stall “Food sa Court”. Chalene got the captital to invest in the business from the Saving Group in Welfareville.