Project Description

Imelda “Imee” has set-up a business with the name “Kings Garden – Squash Production” for producing squash in 5 areas of 1 hectare and selling the product for the markets in Metro-Manila. Her business will create an income for herself and a group of pastors and/or partners. The pastors are also the farmers who will work the land.

For setting up and running the business Imee developed a business plan with the advice of MBC. The MBC will bring Imee in contact with a business coach for about 6 months. He will help and advise her in order to run the business well.

Through a generous sponsor in the Netherlands Imee received a loan so she can invest in seeds and other materials, labor for workers who will prepare the land. Imee is very excited to get this business going and growing! Late September 2016 the MBC was able to hand over the cheque as a symbolic start of the project.