Project Description

Josefina and Jo Ann Bolis, mother and daughter, both worked abroad. Wanting to stay in the Philippines, Josefina invested in one sewing machine and started a local tailor shop at home. So when Jo Ann heard about the business training that MBC was offering in partnership with Bukang Liwayway, she took the opportunity to join. There she learned about handling the finances, marketing strategy, and problem-solving.

A growing business

When the business began to grow, they invested in more sewing machines and rented a store space near their home. This opened the business up to more clients and they were able to take on more orders. Now they have three more employees, and whenever more orders come, they hire mothers within their community. Josefina would encourage her neighbors to do simple trimming jobs, something they can easily do in their own homes. More than the extra income it provides, the projects develop tailoring skills for those who are interested to work.

Looking ahead, they both dream to grow the business where they’re able to become suppliers themselves and not just sub-contractors, to hire more loyal employees so that they can focus on managing, and to also reach out to the people they work with and share the love that God has for them. With a simple desire to stay in the Philippines, the mother-and-daughter team succeeded through starting a local business, and what is more, they were able to help their community grow as well.

Interview Details

Date: Sunday, 19  May 2019
Interviewee/s: Jo Ann Bolis
Training/Batch: August 1-3, 5-16, 2013 with MBC and Bukang Liwayway
Business Name: Da Jovi Ann
Business Address: San Del Monte, Bulacan