Project Description

In the hills of Mindoro, an island a few hours’ traveling away from the capital Manila, live tribes with the collective name “Mangyan”. One of these tribes is called the Tawbuid tribe. In this tribe lives Timyo, a 41 year old farmer. His village in the hills near Safa is only reachable by foot.

Timyo followed the ‘Start Your Business’ training. He had the desire to start a banana business. As a farmer, it was always hard to get a good price for the bananas when negotiating with the middle man down at the port.

Timyo and some others decided that it would be better to sell the bananas themselves to the whole sale buyers in Batangas, the port city on the other island. A business Plan was made and a loan was given. Timyo bought a jeepney, transportation to send the bananas to Batangas.

By now the business had picked up, the loan is being repaid and the business is thriving. Timyo and his colleagues are making profit, which benefits their families, kids, community and church.


October 2015