Project Description

Already a long time MBC is looking for the best way of coaching new entrepreneurs: coaching of small groups or by the mentoring meetings.

Our first experiance

The first MBC mentoring meeting was held last September 2017 in Quezon City. We were excited to see around 50 attendees that included past and present trainees/ entrepreneurs from the different communities reached thru MBC trainings, as well as MBC staff and trainers. This included members from Center for Community Transformation (CCT), Good Neighbors, Compass Philippines, Mission Ministries Philippines and others, helping to make this an eventful meeting.

Raymund Soriano started off the day by providing the needed kick through his fun ice breaker questions on SYB and GYB terminologies, bringing back training memories to the participant. Pastor Marlon Roldan opened with biblical principles that can change lives, also combined with the MBC training and coaching.

Personal motivation

As part of our assessment on how to help those involved in the MBC work, Pons Asidero covered a session on personal motivation to encourage participants to pursue their life goals and vision by entrusting them to God’s care. Myke James shared his personal journey as an entrepreneur and encouraged participants to strive on and not give up in their goals.

Small groups

A key intervention to help sustain mentoring in small groups was thru a new mentoring methodology: smaller groups of participants, sharing their business experience together with a business mentor. After that Nick David facilitated the group presentation of the results of the new group mentoring model, distilling insights as they share learning’s and how it helped accelerate group participation.

Everyone definitely found a lot of opportunities to network and connect, and this fueled energy for the next Mentors Meeting slated for November 2017.