Project Description

Rosalinda Dacoy is an experienced lady in sales and micro-entrepreneurship. She received a loan from the CCT Credit Cooperative to venture in starting her ‘Rose’s Beads Accessories’. Rose has designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and ID holders. Her creativity paves a way for her to also design garments out of colorful beads. She designed the tribal dress of the Blan tribe of Sarangani Province.

Rosalinda is thankful to CCT because of the MBC business training she attended in 2015.Her business benefited much from the Start Your Business training. It helped her to overcome financial challenges, organize records and manage product distribution. She received more orders from CCT MRTC staff, students, barangay officials, teachers and employees of Sitio Lao. This provides more work for the group of mothers working with her. They make personalized and customized accessories and dress beaded design.

Based on the review and evaluation of her Business Plan, Rosalinda can raise the salary for the mothers. She can use the profit to create her own shop where she can make and sell these products with the mothers. She realized that it is better to work with 50% down payment from customers before starting with production because she is working by order. It was always in Rose’s heart to put up a shop and provide employment to others especially mothers. With the help of a second loan, she will be able to accommodate more orders and higher production and better profit to start up a shop of her own. A dream come true. She is working with a business coach as well.