Project Description

For over 25 years ate Inday has a business of baking cakes, cupcakes, bread, biscuits and other pastries. Sometimes the business money has been used for family’s food consumption, tuition fee for their kids’ schooling and other costs for family needs. To start over again, Rosalin ‘Inday’ Salazar got a loan from CCT and she was invited to attend the Start Your Business Training of MBC.

Before the end of the SYB training, Inday Rosalin was able make a solid business plan. She learned that she can and should replace her 20-year old motorcycle that is used for delivering bread (etc) to students, teachers, school canteens and families in Purok-3, Malalag Cogon, Malungon, Saranggani Province. Referring to her evaluated business plan, she can loan from CCT to purchase a new motorbike and repay it in 2 years.
There’s a good production for a big market with good possibilities to let the business grow and creating work for other people.