Project Description

Restarting fish-drying: TIGOF rebuilds a better start

The source of income in an island called Tibaguin located at Hagonoy, Bulacan is primarily from fishing. Coastal fishing, trading, and fish-drying are the skills that most of Tibaguin people possessed.

Like any other livelihood business that is looking forward for a privilege to start, Tibaguin Island of Fisheries (TIGOF) members have come into a conclusion that they, too, should also establish their fish-drying business in quest for livelihood development that will benefit the members and will meet the consumers’ needs for their locality’s almost-daily consumption.

How they started
After a series of meetings with the former members of TIGOF, the organization have begun fish-drying business that became a first-hand product of their manual process. Upon establishing their livelihood business, a sudden news hit TIGOF’s sprouting hope. Their facility was all set-up and available but it was reported that they have mostly non-operational days because of insufficient and inconsistent supply of fish due to climate change. Until February 2016, it is claimed the TIGOF’s livelihood project was closed down.

How they restarted
Few months later, Missional Business Center (MBC) was introduced to the TIGOF by IG staffs and members. In June 13-17, 2016, TIGOF–with the help of MBC–have revived for a chance to still pursue their livelihood business.

TIGOF had an opportunity to widen their scope of faith through examining their processes if they are doing the right financial projections for the livelihood. Through trainings, TIGOF learned that keeping records is and will always be a must to keep on-track. Also, unlike before, TIGOF learned to work out efficient communication to their suppliers so that they no longer have to travel to the mainland only to find out that there are no supplies of fish for them.

The organization is still pursuing to afford a pump boat to lessen their expenses from renting one. Currently, their manual fish-drying is doing operationally good and the even better news is that they have already settled their loan repayment in Good Neighbors Incorporated (GNI).