Project Description

The pastors from iShepherd Institute in Payatas, Quezon City have finished the Training of Trainers 1 of MBC last September 5-9, 2016 at Christ’s Life Achievers Int’l Ministries (C.L.A.I.M.) Church. The pastors showed a great willingness to participate in the mission that the team was doing to the communities. Every topic was discussed as if the participants are all students. Then, later explained to them how they are going to teach this to the students when they become the trainers of MBC, and why it is so important that every detail will be discussed to the students.

The future trainers answered all the exercises for them to experience how it is really done in the training. After the 5 days training, some of them drafted a business plan that they really want to start with and passed it on the last day, especially those who has an existing business and wanted to expand and improve their business, while some did not pass because they do not want to start a business.

The pastors have been so humble while they are being taught even if some of them are knowledgeable about many things. They really appreciate and saw the importance of the simplicity of the material. Yet, some of them still had a hard time in the calculations because they have not done this for a long time. Also, some of the terminologies were first time for them to hear. They saw the importance of calculation of revenue, profit, fixed costs, and variable costs and how it would affect to the viability of the business.

It was a nice experience with the pastors. We are excited to work with them and how the Lord will lead us while we do the ministry together.