Project Description

After the Part 1 of Training of Trainers of iShepherd Pastors, we have moved forward to the part 2 which was held last September 26-28, 2016 on the same venue in Payatas. Seven (7) from the TOT1 attended to pursue their commitment as trainers. This is a 3-days training.

It was different from their first Training of Trainers because we will not discuss everything that is in the workbook. Instead, more on theories about teaching was explained in every morning session for them to understand their role as a trainer, and then will do practice teaching in the afternoon where they need to discuss the topic that was given to them. They will be given enough time to study their topics (which is more on computations), and would discuss this to the group. The group would act as if there were the students, while the trainers should imagine that they were already in the actual training. After every topic, the facilitators would give some feedbacks and areas for improvement.

We always end the day with a reflection from the future trainers. Everybody’s taking all the feedbacks positively. They were all excited to join the MBC team in giving trainings to the people and to experience the actual training to apply what they have learned in the trainings.  It is also commendable that they were all fast-learners and motivated to be part of the ministry.