Project Description

Vicky attended the ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ (GYB) and the ‘Start Your Business’ (SYB). She came up with a plan for her Piggery Business. She already tried raising hogs before, but it was during the training that she learned to sit down and plan for every detail of a piggery business, in order to make it profitable and sustainable.

To support her family’s needs and the sow’s food and vitamins, while waiting for the sow to give birth, Vicky put up a small snack stall along the main road in her barangay in Sapang Palay (Bulacan). But the main business she wants to manage is raising and selling piglets. As of present time, she is very well taking care of her sow in a secluded room inside her home – which serves as the sow’s pigpen – a tidy pigpen.

Right after the SYB training, Vicky was able to borrow 2000 PHP from her savings group to start the snack stall. She manages her snack stall and takes care of raising the sow in her home. The MBC gave her a banner to help promote her stall.