Project Description

Violeta Gonzales attended MBC’s SYB Training in General Santos City, Mindanao in partnership with CCT. She has been in business for over 5 years, selling dry goods like clothes and apparel, from baby dress to teenagers fashion clothing to adult’s type of Ready-To-Wear garments (RTW).

She is renting a small space in the market of Malungon, Sarangani Province where her RTW shop is located. Before attending the SYB training, Viol did not know how much the profit and total cost of her business was. For her, as long as she had money to buy new stock, some sales to provide her rent and some money for the needs of her family, she was satisfied. She assumed that business was going well.

From the SYB training, she has recognized the importance of bookkeeping for her business. She learned more about the fixed and variable costs in her business and how to re-invest profits. She also learned that the profit she makes is enough to keep the capital in the business. The loan she receives for the business is going to be used to add more products to sell and completing the other needs of the business, like improving the outlook of her shop.