MISSIONAL Business Center

We are a missional organization. We have a mission: to transform lives. To empower people. want want to enable the people in deprived areas to improve their living circumstances. In an economic way, by helping them to start up their own business so they can generate income to pay their daily living expenses such as food, rent, education for their children. But we also want to empower them in a spiritual way: by helping them to believe in their own capacities, qualities and talents, so they will grow in self-esteem and self-worth and see that they are precious in Gods eyes.



You can support our ministry through prayer. Please pray:

For the people in our program:

  • that they believe in their own capacity
  • that they may come to know God better
  • that their business efforts succeed
  • that they can persevere in challenging times
  • that they take to heart their coaches’ advise.
  • that they use their profits wisely.

For our office:

  • that God continues to provide the financial needs we have to run the daily operations.
  • that the staff is motivated to work in te ministry.
  • that we can find more well equipped trainers for our program.
  • that we can find business coaches to help the entrepreneurs.
  • that they can persevere in challenging times
  • that we can develop our partnerships with other organizations in a fruitful way.