The Training Program of MBC

The Missional Business Center (MBC) helps you to change your life by starting up your own small business. The program is unique: not only does it teach you basic business skills, but it also helps you to create your own business idea. The MBC helps you to apply for a loan and to join a Saving Group. When you are ready to start a business, the MBC gives you practical business Coaching and professional development in two-monthly seminars as you run your own small business. If possible we will assign a personal coach who can mentor you periodically. The training consists of several steps which are described below.

Information Session

The MBC info-meeting explains about the trainings and what is expected of the participants. Interested people can sign up for the first training.

The process explained

First, the MBC will invite you to one of the information sessions. In it we will explain about the process, about the trainings and support we offer, and what is expected of our participants.
If you decide you want to start your own business through the MBC program, you can sign-up for the ‘Generate Your Business Idea training.

Generate Your Business Idea

Create 3 potential successful business ideas by scanning your skills, talents, experiences and network.

A practical two-day training

In the 2-day training ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ you will create 3 potential successful business ideas. You will scan your skills, talents, experiences and network. And you will do a short assessment about business and character. At the end of this training you can fill in a questionnaire as a way of application for our ‘Start Your Business’ training.

Start Your Business Training

Develop your business idea into a practical Business Plan that you can use to start your own business.

A practical 5 day business training

You will bring the three ideas that you came up with in the Generate Your Business Idea Training, to the Start Your Business training. The interactive 5-day training helps you to find out what type of business fits you and could be successful. You will develop a Business Plan for your own small business, applying the things you learn to your own potential business.

Business Plan

Your 'diploma' from the training is your own personal Business Plan with which you can apply for a loan.

Your Business Plan

At the end of the training you will hand in your Business Plan. We will review it. In a one-on-one session we will comment on your business plan and have suggestions for improvement. After you have finalized your business plan and made the suggested improvements, your business plan is ready.


Apply for a loan with one of our Micro-Finance Partners and join a Savings Group to finance your business.

Get a loan, Joing Savings Group

With your final Business Plan you can apply for a loan with one of our Micro-Finance Partners. In combination with joining a Saving Group, you will get the start-up capital for your business. Other sources of the start-up capital: personal savings or from family/friends, loan schemes through local communities, etc.


Develop your business skills through our Business Seminars and meet fellow entrepreneurs to discuss successes and challenges.

Business Seminars

You start your new business with your Business Plan and the available capital. Every two months the MBC will organize a seminar where you will meet you fellow alumni students and be taught on a business related topic and have peer to peer consultations about successes and challenges in your business.