With a heart that is passionate in extending blessings to his fellow church mates and community dwellers, Ptr. Roy Espina of iShepherd Institute Inc. proves that it’s an important principle to share success with other people by being determined in achieving your life goal.

This is the story of a pastor who has been looking for an avenue that will make his selfless thoughts turn into reality.

Pastor and business

Pstr. Espina and his family are running a rag-making business that will not only benefit their family, but also has an impact to their community. Targeting the moms and female households in the neighboring houses, this livelihood business grew wider and wider—involving more people to produce rags and building more community-strengthened relationships.

Pstr. Espina realized through his experience in community development that other people can rack up financial breakthroughs the same way they did, by witnessing to these families how to find hope in God, together with helping them to elevate their lives to a better financial status. His wish was to help the needy in exploring business opportunities with the help of an organization that is also passionate.

Changing lives

Pstr. Roy was given the chance to undergo Missional Business Center (MBC) training for trainers, a preparation of his role in the bigger picture of MBC in attaining its mission for the needy ones and those who have plans for establishing their livelihood businesses yet in dire need to seek for guidance and coaching.

Currently, Pstr. Espina is a pastor-trainer of MBC who has becoming more aware that helping people doesn’t stop from doing it once or twice. His experience as a pastor-trainer for more than a year helped him see what other livelihood businesses demand in response also to the needs of people acquiring different types of business. For him, it is an achievement to teach to the MBC students the things that he learned from the training such as market researching and bookkeeping.

Truly, a quote from Maimonides describe what is the deeper, and more essential meaning of helping, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”