The MBC Board of Trustees

James Gumpal
James GumpalBoard
James is a UP professor, involved in the development of medicines. He is a lawyer and doctor. He currently is a board member of OMF Philippines. Dr. James has a herat for mission and for the poor. Part of his time as a doctor he spends doing medical missions in the slums.
Marlon Roldan
Marlon RoldanBoard
Vice Chair
Marlon is a Community Development Advisor for ICM in the Philippines. He is experienced in encouraging and equipping people for holistic ministry among unreached people groups in the Philippines and East Asia. Marlon works with the urban poor in Manila through training, evangelizing, mobilizing, and encouraging them to use their own resources.
Ed Ong
Ed OngBoard Treasurer
Ed has served as pastor of his home church for the past 30+ years. His current ministry focuses more on Bible teaching and training. He has involvements also with some mission organizations. He is currently involved with the board of Phil Challenge, and previous board commitments with other mission organizations serving the local and foreign field.
Alicia Pineda
Alicia PinedaBoard Secretary
Alicia serves in the leadership of the Center for Community Transformation (CCT). She is the director of the livelihood management and development branch of CCT. She oversees the starting and expanding businesses that this Micro Finance Organization is supporting.
Bronno Mulder
Bronno MulderBoard Member
Bronno is a Community Development Advisor of OMF International. He has a wide experience in mission, serving in different countries with various organizations. He is helping the poor in the Philippines through micro-business trainings. He spends 50% of his time in the Philippines; the other 50% he works from his home office in the Netherlands.