The Training of Trainers envisions to train up staff from local churches or ministries/mission organizations in order to equip them to teach the trainings from the Missions Business Center. In they receive a small income (love gift) so they can provide for their families while serving the community in ministry. It improves the flexibility of the MBC – with more on call trainers, the MBC can facilitate more trainings in the field.

  • The trainers are first exposed to the regular training; they join as participant.
  • Then they follow the training again. This time exclusively for the purpose of training a trainer. The learn about the ins and outs of each session in the training by the teachings of the all-round senior trainers of MBC.
  • After that they will attend A Teaching Skills training in which they will be educated in basic teaching skills, like group dynamic, learning stylesm how to interact with introverts and extroverts, how to use resources, etc.
  • After that they will be deployed in a training on the job (OJT). The senior MBC trainer will act as a mentor. And slowly through several cycles of the training the trainee-trainer will become more and more comfortable with the teaching of the MBC curriculum in the field.
  • When s/he is fully trained s/he is able to join an MBC team as a senior trainer as well.

Subject of training:

Generate Your Business Idea Training

A good business starts with a good business idea. Before you can start a business you need to have a clear idea of the sort of business you want to run. A business idea is a short and precise description of the basic operations of an intended business.

Start Your Business Training

Do you want to know how to set up a successful business? Do you want to set up your own small business. Have you attended the GYB-training and now you want to materialize your idea into a business? If you do, this training is right for you.

Business Plan Evaluation

When a participant hands in his/her business plan, it will be evaluated and checked by the MBC staff. In the Training of Trainings Course, this part of business plan evaluation can also be taught, so that the trainee is equipped to evaluate Business Plans correctly.


MBC also runs a Train-the-Coach program with the goal of training up coaches in the MBC training program. In the training of coaches, the different parts of the MBC curriculum are in-depth explained, so the coach-to-be fully understands they way s/he can coach the new entrepreneur.

Graduates of our Train the Trainer Program who now work for the MBC (on Staff or on-call):

Ariel Augustin
Ariel AugustinOn-Call Trainer
Ariel is an On-Call trainer. Apart from his work as a trainer for the Missional Business Center he serves a church as a pastor in Metro Manila.
Roy Espina
Roy EspinaOn-Call Trainer
Roy is an On-Call trainer. Apart from his work as a trainer for the Missional Business Center he serves a church as a pastor in Metro Manila.
Grace Cunanan
Grace CunananOn-Call Trainer
Grace is an On-Call trainer of MBC’s Generate Your Business Idea training and Start Your Business Training. In her daily life, she is a successful sales representative for an insurance company.
Raymund Soriano
Raymund SorianoPart time Trainer
Pastor Raymund Soriano is a part time trainer of the Missional Business Trainings. He is also involved in helping the participants to improve their business plans. He serves as a pastor of a church in Sapang Palay.